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Bianca Mediati

We get involved with quite a few parties over here at and so we are sharing some of the wonderful & classic ways to celebrate religious events, be they christenings, baptisms, confirmations, communions, or bar mitzvah's. 

We showcase some of the beautiful cakes to share these moments. 

Our cake toppers are available here



Rustic themes

Earthy and natural tones are an elegant way to celebrate religious events that symbolise traditions. Using accents of gold, earthy reds and wheat help bring this to life. 


 @cakes2cupcakes uses accents reds & golds and fresh fruits, and a rose gold cake topper

@cakes2cupcakes uses accents reds & golds and fresh fruits, and a rose gold cake topper

all class with silver & blue

Simple and stylish - a classy way to celebrate any religious event. Clean lines on the cake, and one feature on the cake show how simplicity is really the epitome of good design. 


   @sugaravenuecakes  white fondant cake with gorgeous sharp corners, & styling by  @claudiakeough work! Photo credit  @nnixz   Silver mirror cake topper by @communicakeit

 @sugaravenuecakes white fondant cake with gorgeous sharp corners, & styling by @claudiakeoughwork! Photo credit @nnixz  Silver mirror cake topper by @communicakeit

Wreath's symbolise growth & everlasting love.


 Enchanted forest 🍃with our cake topper wreath !  Cake by the amazing  @ivyandstonecakedesign   Photo by  @jessicaabraham_moments  

Enchanted forest 🍃with our cake topper wreath ! 
Cake by the amazing @ivyandstonecakedesign 
Photo by @jessicaabraham_moments 

Gold names & crosses

Luxe colours and finishes help give events that extra detail. 


 Name plaques & petite crosses can be designed as separates... that way you can reuse for celebrations to come!  Styling by  @florcw  and  @thatcreativeco   Photography  @lifes.just.wonderful   Cakes by Edible Art  Toppers by  @communicakeit

Name plaques & petite crosses can be designed as separates... that way you can reuse for celebrations to come! 
Styling by @florcw and @thatcreativeco 
Photography @lifes.just.wonderful 
Cakes by Edible Art
Toppers by @communicakeit

 WHITE & GOLD with our serif topper

WHITE & GOLD with our serif topper

 Gold cake topper with accents & blue buttercreme cake @buttercremelane

Gold cake topper with accents & blue buttercreme cake @buttercremelane

 Gold name topper, with perfectly placed macs & florals & chocs on cake @twosweetfigs

Gold name topper, with perfectly placed macs & florals & chocs on cake @twosweetfigs


Add extra details from the invitations or what your child likes to make the event truly bespoke. 

 Extra details to help make the cake & event unique - buttercreme landscape cake by @buttercreambakery and gold safari animals & cake topper by @communicakeit

Extra details to help make the cake & event unique - buttercreme landscape cake by @buttercreambakery and gold safari animals & cake topper by @communicakeit


Bianca Mediati

So your little bub is turning One! It is the first birthday (of many!) to celebrate One whole year of their life and all the lovely moments that has been shared along the way! It's also a chance to gather friends and family and have a lovely party. 

Visit our full range of Cake toppers to celebrate birthdays here

Here are some birthday parties we have been involved with and some ideas for theming, and ways to celebrate.





Such a fun way to celebrate an outdoors party with cute farm animal cookies on the cake, delicious cake by the lovely @ohsugarcakes and desserts by the familia and @rubyrabbitpartygarland & confetti balloons! Cake topper by @communicakeit  

Florals and colour as a theme:

Here we see a classic way to party for a first birthday, florals on the dessert table, buttercream cake & a beautiful cake topper to name the event. 

Peachy pinks for birthday celebrations with our topper that has the floating effect! 
Styling by @lettuceandco @marymarystudiofor the flowers
The amazing @missladybirdcakes for the cake and photography by @merlynreuter

First Birthday Party Inspiration

Pretty in Pinks with large signage on a back drop make this party a beautiful statement piece:

CommunicakeIt 2018-03-03 at 10.51.05 am.jpg

Greens & lively arches to create a dessert table that is fresh & animated:

CommunicakeIt 2018-03-03 at 10.52.26 am.jpg

Creating a garden party with greenery as a backdrop, large sign to mark the moment, and balloons - lots of balloons!

Our gold signs still a fave! With @dianekhouryweddingsandevents and @borntopartyshop and @harboursidedecorators 💕

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CommunicakeIt 2018-03-03 at 10.53.43 am.jpg

The cutting the cake moment is a really special time. So make sure your cake brings that unique character of the party, like we have here. Also consider if you have a special name for your little bub, it can be worded on the cake topper as well:


CommunicakeIt 2018-03-03 at 10.55.07 am.jpg

The Rise of Personalisation

Bianca Mediati

Customisation just might be here to stay

As a startup built on the premise that every product is unique, personalised and made to order, there is now a growing trend seeing businesses built on bespoke products. 

Similarly, big brands are also finding ways for customers to personalise products. We saw the rise of the CocaCola campaign to personalise your coke bottle, Vegemite to customise the label on the jar, and we are now seeing the same in the cosmetic industry. 

Adidas and Nike are also offering customisation on each of their products, monogramming your initials on shoes or choosing your material combination. Finding Ferdinand is also customising lip shades to personal taste. And the daily edited has taken embossing bags to a whole new level. 

The ability to choose the design / finish / and details along the way builds on a co-creation philosophy. 

Consumers are wanting more

Consumers are becoming their own startups

Consumers are wanting to become part of the design process of tweaking and inventing their own pieces

It’s a great time to be part of the customised-made-to-order-business. 

So, yes, customisation and personalisation just might be here to stay.

Customise your wedding

Bianca Mediati

Channeling this article for inspiration and trends


"Weddings have always been a highly custom affair but as Tandon and Keating’s nuptials show, digital fabrication–like 3D printing and laser cutting–are offering news ways for brides and grooms to create the personalized event of their dreams. And we’re not just talking about creepy 3D-printed cake toppers. Will the wedding industry forever change?"


See our fully customisable cake topper range here


Trade Show learnings - 2 of 2

Bianca Mediati

MANAGE YOUR ENERGY at the tradeshow. 

Get help setting up your stand. And bumping in and out. This is the best investment (sometimes pricey) and it makes you fresh and focused on what you need to do-tell your story. 

Be prepared to tell your story, 55 gazillion times. And then one more time. 

Even if you don't have a customer with you, you need to smile. Look busy. Or be ready for the customer. I once walked past a stall which was quiet at the time, selling ice-cream on a rainy day, and the stall next to them was busy selling coffee. The ice-cream Guy was looking st the coffee line... and boy could I read that guys thoughts from the look on his face! 

Enjoy it. It's not often you get to hear & converse directly with your customer!! (I'm an online business!) watch them touch &I feel your product, listen for the way they talk about it. Get inspiration from people.

Give yourself a break. Know that (if you're like me) you're going to put in so much effort, and there's the lingering feeling that it's not enough, not good enough, or you could have stay up one more hour to do something better. That feeling will pass. Especially after the massage. 

Book a massage after each day you are at the trade show. YES!



MANAGE COMMUNICATIONS at the tradeshow, and beyond. 

Follow up on what you said / quoted. Have a system in place that the customer has your details, you have there's, and you can contact them about the exact thx conversation. This market I tried: 

Emailing myself & the customer, while we were together, and all the stuff we spoke about. Makes it super easy for the customer to reply, and easy for me to follow up & remember what we discussed. 



Everything is fixable. Camera runs out of battery? Charger. No air con? Bring a fan. Knocked over a cake? Grab a knife & smooth it off. Leaves fall off your display? Find a new place for them. Car backs into your parked car? Insurance. Sore feet? Massage. All these things happened to me this weekend! The show goes on. 

Smile. It makes people feel good, & you feel good. Better yet, laugh! 

Trade Show learnings 1 of 2

Bianca Mediati


Trade shows, markets, fairs, exhibitions… They are a great drawcard for an audience to see and purchase your product. Here are some learnings from a recent fair I exhibited at. 



Be clear on why you are going and what you want to achieve. Having a strong purpose means you can then design and make decisions around the experience you would like to have, and most of all - your customer to have. 

Then from identifying those “whys”, create instances where you can understand you are achieving those goals. 

For example. if you're new in the industry, showcase your brand and work 

If you are known already, what's your story and tell this in your own way 

If you're launching new products, create an experience around this 

If you're after new customers, how are you attracting them 

If you are after customer data, how are you collecting this?

And ask yourself the question, do I really need to go?! 



Make it super clear what you do. Forgot the elevator pitch - that's way too long. You have 1 second to create an impressions, and 2 second to tell them. If they come close enough! 

Let the customer browse. 

Don't pounce. 

Let them find you to ask a question. 

Leave prices off. This goes against SO MANY other blogs and advices, but this is a tease. And gets a conversation started. 

Have all your prices SET. Create boundaries or structure so the customer can understand what they are paying for. 

Create something they can take with them & find you easily. 

If you own the business, be there. 

Make it easy, SUPER EASY for the sale transaction. I've given up on PayPal gizmos as the Bluetooth drops out. Avoid keeping the customer waiting. 

A custom designed proposal!

Bianca Mediati

We now live in a world where everything has the possibility of being customisable. And a marriage proposal should be. In fact, it's probably one of the more unique moments in life, where an experience can be designed for a specific person or couple. 

Proposals are something I am loosely involved with, by nature of Communicake it . Everyday there are orders for customised products. Custom cake toppers, kids decor, party decor... we are attempting to customise everything!

And then it was my turn to enjoy the experience of a customised product. Gaetan (the love of my life) really gave the customised designed experience to his proposal... by designing his own cake topper, unbeknownst to me!

In October 2016, on the top of a mountain after a little hike we had taken that day, Gaetan saw a picnic area & suggested we stop for a breath. Gaetan surprised me with a @blackstarpastry watermelon cake (uh yum! I was ready to devour!) but then asked me to wait! What?! I was so puzzled! How can you put THE watermelon cake in front of me & ask me to wait?!

Gaetan said, "every cake needs a topper" and went on to pull out a "Will you marry me?" Communicake it topper! Say what?! & then I remembered designing & making this, but didn't recognise his name on the order... Why?! because he purchased it under a pseudo email, and posted it to a PO box he bought in Haymarket! I smiled & laughed... AND said Yes! Oui! Absolutely! And then he got down on one knee with a ring! More hugs & kisses! 

We had a tiny little engagement party at Centennial Parklands cafe We chose this place, namely because it is gorgeous and amongst the trees and park, and also because they let us bring our own Cake! Yes that was a requirement for us!

I designed a YES topper, answering Gaetan's "will you marry me"! Patricia from @twosweetfigs made our tiny & tall tower of deliciousness! We are beyond excited & can't wait to show you more photos of our desserts & sweet journey! 

Customisation is everywhere. Share your stories and products!

 Customised cake topper for the proposal

Customised cake topper for the proposal

Happy couple! Engaged! Love!
 The proposal cake topper being used again at our Engagement party at Centennial Park cafe, Sydney. 

The proposal cake topper being used again at our Engagement party at Centennial Park cafe, Sydney. 

Communicake it featured in the Daily Mail UK

Bianca Mediati

Super pumped to have our Communicake it large signs featured in the Daily Mail UK with @florenceknows___ styling goddess, @lizzys06 and featuring @rubyrabbit tableware


Read more here:

Remember why you started

Bianca Mediati

Communicake the moment you fell in love! 

This reminds me why I started my business, Communicake it. 

I started to make people smile. 

Communicake it opened shop on the 5th of November 2012. Why is that exact date so relevant?

It's Christine's birthday - a very close friend of Bianca's - who was born 5th of November. On the lead up to Christine's birthday, Bianca thought to design and make something a little special... which turned out to be her first cake topper.  "Christine Hip Hip Hooray!" in white acrylic was presented on an Italian Donut as a birthday gift. It was Christine's reaction (surprise, delight, and lots of laughter) that inspired Bianca to do something with this.

One small step can lead to a whole new path. Start something today. 

CommunicakeIt 2016-07-06 at 2.31.02 pm.jpg

Go to market. And go again.

Bianca Mediati

I started with making products for myself or for my friends, however I quickly learned that it is not about me, it’s all about my customers. The customer really is king.

Make sure there is a clear need in the market and that people want to buy what you’re offering because without customers, your ‘business idea’ can quickly become a hobby or your products can end up in storage. And that’s okay…but not if your goal is to make a sustainable business. 

The idea for Communicake It came about with a little luck, some good timing and a lot of hard work. I made something for a friend and it was her reaction that inspired me to keep on making this as a product for others. 

Sales at the start were slow, I spent some time going to markets (yep, physical, weekend markets) and I continue to do this periodically. Getting out there and having conversations with potential buyers actually gives you the opportunity to hear from customers directly. Find how they use the product, ask them about price and listen to their feedback.

Sometimes customers have the best clues for your next creative adventure and sometimes they have interesting feedback and other times they just tell you the truth. Give yourself the chance to learn through research and your customers. It’s a continuous learning curve, so remember to do it often.

 One interesting thing about going out to market, specifically with a new product, is that people may not understand what your product or service is. I had a few people ask me, ‘So what is it?’ which at first I was a little disappointed by but I soon realised that my product was something fresh and different. I realised that the market needed more education and while this was a challenge, it was also an opportunity.

Fast forward 3 years and there is an abundance of cake toppers available in the market, which is great for cake accessories as a trend, product demand and awareness.

Being at the markets, I also had a lot of reactions that along the lines of ‘Oh my birthday was last week, shame about timing’. Rather than being defensive and kicking myself that I wasn’t at the market last week to get that sale, I became open and curious about this feedback. I like to call this ‘gold digging’. Sometimes, something positive (gold) really can come from something that we first perceive to be negative, and this is where an opportunity lies for product refinement or new marketing opportunities. It can even spark new ideas.

Get pointy about what you are selling

Bianca Mediati

Now is that what we want from business? We want to make products, or create a service …and want them to be products and services that people love and are willing to purchase.

At the end of the day, there is a clear sales transaction that we have. Customers want item X, they make a purchase in exchange for money and we deliver that as a business.

As a start-up business, I was a little muddy with price points in the beginning. What can we charge for? Cake toppers are what the customer is buying. They are also buying the design time, the packaging, the idea... Thinking back, I spent hours and hours setting up business elements, working on designs, refining the idea and setting up systems for the transaction.

But can I charge for all that? Can I charge for the bubble wrap I use? Figuring out your costs and where your value is can take a while! Spend some time mapping out the time it takes you to do ‘admin’ stuff and get real about what it actually costs you and real about what you are selling.

Being clear about your selling point goes beyond price. More so, it is about your brand, your product and your service. In an environment where there are many of us doing very similar things, how do we make sure that we are seen as unique businesses?

Consider what makes up your brand, your product line, and your service capabilities. These are key elements to give you a solid foundation to build your business and maintain integrity.

Welcome to Communicake it's Communicakion Blog!

Bianca Mediati

Turning your creative idea into your business.

Everyone is creative and everyone has talent. It’s channelling that creativity into a form that can be a successful and sustainable business which is interesting.

Your business is just that, yours! Most of the time, start-ups begin with something you enjoy. Make sure your start up business is something that you wholeheartedly believe in, as it is this passion that will keep you motivated.

This blog will be dedicated to learnings along the way.