Welcome to EduCake

That's right. You read correctly, that's not a typo. Educake is brought to you by Communicake it.
It is place to learn tools and education pieces for a product-based business to grow and develop.
We aim to help any business (not just cake businesses) with an idea, a product or service based business.
And of course it's a little word play with educate and cake. 

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Read the Blog

The blog has thought starters and learnings as we go along through business

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Educake Classes

Sign up for our classes commencing February 2018!

The classes are focused on building a product-based business. There are different levels depending on where you are in your business-journey. Learn from Bianca, building the business Communicake it, that has just turned 5 years old (!) and learnings from her time as a designer. Apply the experiments and approach made with Communicake it to build your business. 

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Workshops and working with Bianca

Find out more about our upcoming workshops, and working directly with Bianca building your product-based business or eCommerce online store.