Communicake it

We custom-make cake toppers & products to celebrate life!


Communicake it is all about making your product uniquely designed for you. 
You can select from a range of finishes and colours. See the full range here:
You can also view a flavour of what others have created. See Instagram and Facebook for some examples


Communicake it starting by making a customised message for a cake. It remains dedicated to cake accessories, and communicaking any message, phrase, word or symbol. 

Got something in mind? Have your own unique artwork? Want to play with a new concept? We say Yes. Communicake it LOVES when clients send over a random, different brief. Go on, send your crazy brief to hello (@)

Unparalleled Style

At Communicake it we remain on the cusp of new designs, new styles and always innovating. We focus on luxe materials to stand out and give our clients a sophisticated product, unparalleled service, and the utmost style to what you receive. 

Unfortunately we do not work with rhinestones, copying other businesses designs, or jeopardising our style or quality.