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Custom Showers

Nonna's Recipe: Bride to be

from 45.00

The Let Loose is dedicated to moments that add a little groove to your party!

Each cake topper is designed and made per order. You can decide whatever message you would like to order.

They are typically sized to suit a 6 inch cake tier.

When stylist Mel from @ashdownandbee celebrated her bridal shower we came up with this handwritten cake topper design, still rockin today too ⚡️ Styling @ashdownandbee
Cake @allthingssweetbycarissa 
Topper @communicakeit 
Stand @prettypedestals 
Photo @sonjacphotography 🌺 
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CommunicakeIt 2018-02-23 at 2.01.27 pm.jpg
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