Remember why you started

Communicake the moment you fell in love! 

This reminds me why I started my business, Communicake it. 

I started to make people smile. 

Communicake it opened shop on the 5th of November 2012. Why is that exact date so relevant?

It's Christine's birthday - a very close friend of Bianca's - who was born 5th of November. On the lead up to Christine's birthday, Bianca thought to design and make something a little special... which turned out to be her first cake topper.  "Christine Hip Hip Hooray!" in white acrylic was presented on an Italian Donut as a birthday gift. It was Christine's reaction (surprise, delight, and lots of laughter) that inspired Bianca to do something with this.

One small step can lead to a whole new path. Start something today. 

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