A custom designed proposal!

We now live in a world where everything has the possibility of being customisable. And a marriage proposal should be. In fact, it's probably one of the more unique moments in life, where an experience can be designed for a specific person or couple. 

Proposals are something I am loosely involved with, by nature of Communicake it . Everyday there are orders for customised products. Custom cake toppers, kids decor, party decor... we are attempting to customise everything!

And then it was my turn to enjoy the experience of a customised product. Gaetan (the love of my life) really gave the customised designed experience to his proposal... by designing his own cake topper, unbeknownst to me!

In October 2016, on the top of a mountain after a little hike we had taken that day, Gaetan saw a picnic area & suggested we stop for a breath. Gaetan surprised me with a @blackstarpastry watermelon cake (uh yum! I was ready to devour!) but then asked me to wait! What?! I was so puzzled! How can you put THE watermelon cake in front of me & ask me to wait?!

Gaetan said, "every cake needs a topper" and went on to pull out a "Will you marry me?" Communicake it topper! Say what?! & then I remembered designing & making this, but didn't recognise his name on the order... Why?! because he purchased it under a pseudo email, and posted it to a PO box he bought in Haymarket! I smiled & laughed... AND said Yes! Oui! Absolutely! And then he got down on one knee with a ring! More hugs & kisses! 

We had a tiny little engagement party at Centennial Parklands cafe We chose this place, namely because it is gorgeous and amongst the trees and park, and also because they let us bring our own Cake! Yes that was a requirement for us!

I designed a YES topper, answering Gaetan's "will you marry me"! Patricia from @twosweetfigs made our tiny & tall tower of deliciousness! We are beyond excited & can't wait to show you more photos of our desserts & sweet journey! 

Customisation is everywhere. Share your stories and products!

Customised cake topper for the proposal

Customised cake topper for the proposal

Happy couple! Engaged! Love!
The proposal cake topper being used again at our Engagement party at Centennial Park cafe, Sydney. 

The proposal cake topper being used again at our Engagement party at Centennial Park cafe, Sydney.