The Rise of Personalisation

Customisation just might be here to stay

As a startup built on the premise that every product is unique, personalised and made to order, there is now a growing trend seeing businesses built on bespoke products. 

Similarly, big brands are also finding ways for customers to personalise products. We saw the rise of the CocaCola campaign to personalise your coke bottle, Vegemite to customise the label on the jar, and we are now seeing the same in the cosmetic industry. 

Adidas and Nike are also offering customisation on each of their products, monogramming your initials on shoes or choosing your material combination. Finding Ferdinand is also customising lip shades to personal taste. And the daily edited has taken embossing bags to a whole new level. 

The ability to choose the design / finish / and details along the way builds on a co-creation philosophy. 

Consumers are wanting more

Consumers are becoming their own startups

Consumers are wanting to become part of the design process of tweaking and inventing their own pieces

It’s a great time to be part of the customised-made-to-order-business. 

So, yes, customisation and personalisation just might be here to stay.