Trade Show learnings 1 of 2


Trade shows, markets, fairs, exhibitions… They are a great drawcard for an audience to see and purchase your product. Here are some learnings from a recent fair I exhibited at. 



Be clear on why you are going and what you want to achieve. Having a strong purpose means you can then design and make decisions around the experience you would like to have, and most of all - your customer to have. 

Then from identifying those “whys”, create instances where you can understand you are achieving those goals. 

For example. if you're new in the industry, showcase your brand and work 

If you are known already, what's your story and tell this in your own way 

If you're launching new products, create an experience around this 

If you're after new customers, how are you attracting them 

If you are after customer data, how are you collecting this?

And ask yourself the question, do I really need to go?! 



Make it super clear what you do. Forgot the elevator pitch - that's way too long. You have 1 second to create an impressions, and 2 second to tell them. If they come close enough! 

Let the customer browse. 

Don't pounce. 

Let them find you to ask a question. 

Leave prices off. This goes against SO MANY other blogs and advices, but this is a tease. And gets a conversation started. 

Have all your prices SET. Create boundaries or structure so the customer can understand what they are paying for. 

Create something they can take with them & find you easily. 

If you own the business, be there. 

Make it easy, SUPER EASY for the sale transaction. I've given up on PayPal gizmos as the Bluetooth drops out. Avoid keeping the customer waiting.