Trade Show learnings - 2 of 2

MANAGE YOUR ENERGY at the tradeshow. 

Get help setting up your stand. And bumping in and out. This is the best investment (sometimes pricey) and it makes you fresh and focused on what you need to do-tell your story. 

Be prepared to tell your story, 55 gazillion times. And then one more time. 

Even if you don't have a customer with you, you need to smile. Look busy. Or be ready for the customer. I once walked past a stall which was quiet at the time, selling ice-cream on a rainy day, and the stall next to them was busy selling coffee. The ice-cream Guy was looking st the coffee line... and boy could I read that guys thoughts from the look on his face! 

Enjoy it. It's not often you get to hear & converse directly with your customer!! (I'm an online business!) watch them touch &I feel your product, listen for the way they talk about it. Get inspiration from people.

Give yourself a break. Know that (if you're like me) you're going to put in so much effort, and there's the lingering feeling that it's not enough, not good enough, or you could have stay up one more hour to do something better. That feeling will pass. Especially after the massage. 

Book a massage after each day you are at the trade show. YES!



MANAGE COMMUNICATIONS at the tradeshow, and beyond. 

Follow up on what you said / quoted. Have a system in place that the customer has your details, you have there's, and you can contact them about the exact thx conversation. This market I tried: 

Emailing myself & the customer, while we were together, and all the stuff we spoke about. Makes it super easy for the customer to reply, and easy for me to follow up & remember what we discussed. 



Everything is fixable. Camera runs out of battery? Charger. No air con? Bring a fan. Knocked over a cake? Grab a knife & smooth it off. Leaves fall off your display? Find a new place for them. Car backs into your parked car? Insurance. Sore feet? Massage. All these things happened to me this weekend! The show goes on. 

Smile. It makes people feel good, & you feel good. Better yet, laugh!