A gift card wrapped up in words

Gift cards can be a beautiful object and memoir. The act of giving a card can be a gift in itself. Celebrating milestones of life, moments, or simply giving thanks - all reasons for writing in cards. Messages can be an elaborate message, or a short acknowledgement. 


And in today’s world of text messages and acronyms, have we lost the notion of card writing? Is it a long lost art? Is it a talent only the gifted with words have?

Being on the receiving end of a beautifully written card recently, I felt it was a lovely experience - an insight into someone's world saying thank you. And on the other side, giving a card with thought and meaning, can also be an experience in itself.

We at Communicake it want to bring back gift cards that have meaning, substance, and become a gift in itself.

Here’s a couple tips we thought we would write about, that you could also write with:


Choosing a card:

The front of the card is the first unveiling. Make sure the card is appropriate for the occasion of giving the card. It can be as simple as a “happy birthday” card, for a birthday. I’ve often found it difficult to find religious occasions (those Christenings, Communions, etc). Luckily we created our own range here:     OR you can customise your cards here

Personalising the card:

-Start with the name. And spell it correctly. Sounds simple, however every year I’ve received a birthday card by unnamed person spelling my name Biankia. And while it brings a smile to my face now, I much prefer Bianca.

An option here is when writing a more informal card. Avoid starting with a Dear <name>, instead try the salutation with the name:

Happy birthday Tash!


The Details:

Write more than one line. Sounds like it could turn into an essay? That’s okay – the receiver will appreciate the effort. You could write about the present, and future wishes. You could remind them of a short story of when you both did something in the past.


Make it you:

Make sure the language you use in the card, sounds like you and not a google searched card insert, or that it could be written for anyone. 


Make it fun:

Because why not! Instil the message in there, and include a special message or insider joke. 

But wait - Avoid being too fun if it’s a serious occasion.


Adding a gift? 

Make reference to the gift to either give a clue and build anticipation! 

Or you can actually write what is in the



Hapy birtday:

If you make a spelling mistake – neatly cross it out and keep going
OR make a joke out of it. I remember writing “happy birthday” on a Christmas card, and wrote a “AHA” at the end!


Signing off:

If you are writing the card from multiple people, have them write their names in their handwriting as well. It makes it even more real!


To Lick or Tuck the envelope? 

I love a TUCK (read that carefully) it elegantly opens with a little flick and the envelope does not rip. If you are including money inside the card, OR posting the card, these are the exceptions for Licking (or emboss your initials with a wax stamp)



& Enjoy our personalised card range here.