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Communicaking: 1 Hour session (Skype)


You are invited to come along to Communicaking! Our workshop for conversations, learnings, cake and coffee!

This is a 1 hour session, in person or skype, hosted by Bianca.

The reason we chose our in-person-sessions, is to get out there and meet people & share stories. We know exactly what it is like to work on our own, in our little studio. And learning with people is where some magic can happen!

We will cover:

  • Learn how marketing plays a key role in pricing products and your branding

  • Learn the ropes of pricing

    • retailing, wholesaling and offering a discount

    • the Eton Mess approach

  • Learn how to make the transaction super simple

Ideal for:

  • People wanting to launch a new product

  • People wanting to grow their business

  • People wanting to start a business

  • Anyone with a product idea in mind, wanting to see what happens in the small business space


Be careful with your purchase, this is a non-refundable class. 

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CommunicakeIt 2019-06-13 at 10.53.47 am.jpg
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