The Business

Communicake it is a boutique design workshop running out of Sydney’s inner west. The business is dedicated to designing unique products and experiences to celebrate special moments. 

The Beginning

Founded by Bianca Mediati, Communicake it started on the 5th of November 2012. Why is that exact date so relevant?

When it was a close friends birthday - Christine - who was born 5th of November, Bianca thought to design and make something a little special... which turned out to be her first cake topper.  "Christine Hip Hip Hooray!" in white acrylic was presented on an Italian Donut as a birthday gift. It was Christine's reaction (surprise, delight, and lots of laughter) that inspired Bianca to do something with this.

The First Step

Bianca first started a online Etsy shop to test the waters. The first sale came 3 days later from USA. Bianca spent time at local markets (Glebe Markets and Paddington Markets!) getting feedback on the product and introducing "cake toppers" into the party scene. Communicake it has designed some crazy toppers since and the product lines now include cookie stamps, lights, large children's signs, coat hangers, and more. Every product designed communicakes* a special message, to make someone feel extra special.
*see what we did there

Bianca at Finders Keepers markets in Sydney.

Bianca at Finders Keepers markets in Sydney.